Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


When will the employees be paid?

Employees will receive a paycheck on Friday following the week they worked. Our work week runs Monday-Sunday, timesheets are due the following Monday, and paychecks will be available on Friday.

When can I expect to receive an invoice?

Invoices are usually sent out via email or standard mail the Thursday following the week worked. Our work week runs Monday-Sunday, our field supervisors  submit timesheets the following Monday. Payroll is run on Wednesday and billing is generated and sent on Thursday or Friday.

If I like an employee, can I hire him/her on permanently?

Absolutely! We can either set up a temp-to-hire agreement from the outset, or we can negotiate terms if you decide that one of our temporary employees is a great fit for your company. We also offer direct hire services.

What information should I have when I call for a quote?

In order for our staffing coordinators to best serve you, please be prepared to provide a rough idea of the following:

  • A job description for the position(s) you are looking to fill
  • Employee pay rate
  • Job location
  • Prerequisite skills/experience
  • Dress code/equipment/tools required
  • Contact information

Do you staff for one-time events or infrequent staffing needs?

Yes! We would be happy to provide staff for you as often or as infrequently as you need. We strive to offer the utmost flexibility and convenience to our clients.

How can I pay my invoice?

You may pay for invoices by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT); you may mail a check to our office, made payable to AGRI-STAFF,LLC and referencing your invoice number.


When will I get paid?

Every Friday following the week you work.

Where should I apply for a job?

You can apply in person at our Salem location

Who should I contact regarding question about my hours?

You can contact AGRI-STAFF,LLC Office.

Is transportation provided?

No, every AGRI-STAFF, LLC employee is responsible for their transportation.

What is the pay rate?

The pay rate varies by project.

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